Tim Pak Poy

Ingredients and Method

Do with it what you will but beware in the hands of lesser conjurers, it may have truly disastrous effects.

First take a brace or two of pigeon trapped in grain silos at summer's end, when birds are at their best.

Next, eviscerate (reserving hearts and livers) and roast in a little butter.

Crush the bones with hearts and giblets and simmer gently in consomme with good wine from the Isle of Madeira.

Decant a little of the broth and assemble a royale with the passed livers.

Place remainder into a parfait jar with a fine truffle and more of your good Madeira, cook as in a vacuum.

To serve

Make a salpicon of your truffle, pork fat and potato.

Warm royale and set salpicon on it, garnish with shavings of the truffle, send to table accompanied by the steaming truffle broth.

Your assistant will pour broth into the dish finishing with this flourish - the last droplets must fall upon the truffle shavings releasing their fragrance unto the awaiting diner.


Truffle Custard