Tim Pak Poy

White coffee ice


100g coffee beans
500ml cream
500g milk
11 egg yolks
500g caster sugar
100g sugar
200g Queensland candied ginger, finely diced
200g water


Infuse coffee beans, milk and 100ml sugar over a water bath for one hour.

Cool and pass, add fresh milk to total weight of 600g.

Simmer the milk.

Dissolve 300g caster sugar and egg yolks by hand.

Pour on half-simmering milk and return to pan.

Cook until custard coats the back of a spoon and forms rosettes.

Pass into an ice bath.

When cold add 500ml of cream and churn.

Simmer finely diced ginger in the water.

Take 160g of the water and 200g caster sugar to a syrup and combine.

Serve on toasted brioche with warm syrup over.

White coffee ice