Tony Bilson

Caramelised apple tart with muscat icecream

Ingredients and Method

50 granny smith or pink lady apples cut into 1/4 peeled and cored (65 persons).
A thick round (150 ml diameter and 75 ml) of full butter puff pastry per person
To caramelise the apples. Do them in three lots, they can be done in advance.
Caramelise 1 kg sugar over a flame.
When it is rich and dark add 300 g butter cut into small pieces and mix into the caramel.
Add the apples and cook gently in the mixture until tender.
Drain the apple pieces, place on silicon paper and refrigerate.

The pastry.
Prick the centre of each round leaving an untouched exterior 'collar' of 1.5 cm.
arrange 3 pieces of apple in the centre of each round and bake at 190 C (375 degrees F) until the pastry is cooked.
Turn the tarts over, dredge heavily with icing sugar and return to 250 degrees C (480 degrees F) oven to caramelise the sugar.
Be careful not to burn the pastry.
If caramelisation is incomplete finish with a blow torch.

The ice cream.
Make a creme anglaise with 1 lt milk
1 lt cream,
600 g sugar
24 yolks
1 vanilla bean.
Reduce 1 lt muscat to 500 ml, add to creme.
Add 1 lt lightly whipped cream, fold in and churn.
Make another 2 lt creme anglaise with 300 g sugar only for sauce

August 15, 1995

Caramelised apple tart with muscat icecream