Marieke Brugman

Veal shanks and celeriac puree


1 baby veal shank per 2 persons
1kg veal sweetbreads per 12-15 shanks
Veal Stock
15kg veal shanks sawn through
5kg veal bones and flaps
bones from the boned shanks
10 pigs trotters well cleaned
1.5kg carrots chopped
10 ribs celery chopped
30 brown onions with skin quartered
large bouquet garni and fresh thyme


Roast carrots, celery and onion.

Put all ingredients into a large stock pot. Cover with water.

Bring to simmer and skim for 12-14 hours.

Strain, refrigerate overnight, remove fat.

Reduce to concentrate.

Soak sweetbreads overnight in fridge in lightly salted water.

Drain, remove membrane and sinew. (the sweetbreads will form naturally into small nuggets once the membrane is taken off)

Dry and pan-fry until cooked.



Cook in oil until golden finely diced red onions, minced garlic, finely sliced Prosciutto.

Add Casalinga bread crumbs, freshly minced parsley and bind with some egg yolk.

Bone shanks whole.

Use some stuffing and whole sweetbread nuggets as filling.

Roll up, re-form and wrap in a single layer of muslin and tie up like a bon bon.

Over very low heat carefuly brown the shanks in a single layer

. Pack into a tight fitting casserole.

Cover with hot veal stock.

Put on a tight fitting lid and braise in low oven 1.5 - 2 hours.


Reduce madeira (1 bottle reduced to 1/3) and add to veal demi-glace.

Celeriac puree (per 10 serves)


1 medium large celeriac, peeled and cubed
2 golden delicious apples, peeled, cored and cubed


Cook together until tender and no water remains.

When hot and dry, mash in 1/2 cup hot cream and enough cold butter to make a silken mass.

Season with lemon juice, pepper and freshly ground nutmeg.

Veal shanks and celeriac puree