Tony Bilson

Assiette of beef, sauce bordelaise

Ingredients and Method

Per person 1 good size piece of trimmed oxtail per person;
100 g of ox cheek;
100 g piece aged prime cut ( fillet, sirloin, rump).
Brown the trimmed cheek and tail in trays with a little mirepoix and garlic, thyme and seasonings in the combi oven at high temperature (250 degrees C);
deglaze with white wine and then add tomato concasse to the tail and brush the cheek with strong Dijon mustard
Return and cook at 90 C (195 degrees F) with steam until tender
Drain and reserve the juices.
Trim prime cut to 80 g serves to be grilled rare at service.

Make 5 litres of Bordelaise

using 1 kg chopped shallots,
1 head garlic,
3 lt of red wine,
thyme, bay leaf
Reduce to 1.5 lt, add +2.5 lt demi glace+ and the braising liquids
Reduce to 4.5 lt.
Season and mount with 500 g butter before serving.
Garnish with steamed baby vegetables.
Per person allow 2 each of carrots, turnips, caramelised shallot and celeriac puree (for 60 persons,
2 kg celeriac,
1 kg potato,
1 lt cream,
500 g butter,
salt and pepper

August 15, 1995

Assiette of beef, sauce bordelaise