Hermann Schneider

Crepinette of veal sweetbreads with morel jus

serves 60


6kg veal sweetbreads
1kg chicken breast
1 Ltr double cream
4 egg whites
3Ltr light brown veal stock
5Ltr light veal stock
250g dried morels
100ml truffle jus
120 very small carrots
120 very small turnips
120 small baby leeks
240 large spinach leaves
200g chopped shallots
200ml Amontillado sherry


Soak sweetbreads in running water until white, then remove any fat and membrane. Separate the sweetbreads, reserving 60 large medallions.

Dice the remaining sweetbreads into 1/2cm cubes, and then gently roast diced sweetbreads in clarified butter.

Allow to cool in draining sieve.

To make the mousse

Combine the minced chicken breast with 4 egg whites and pure cream.

Keep well chilled, preferably in a bowl underneath another bowl with ice.

Season with salt and pepper.

Remove all the stems from the spinach leaves.

Blanch leaves carefully and allow to dry on paper towels.

Soak morels in cold water for 2-3 hours and remove any hard stems.

Keep approx. 180 small whole morels for garnish and dice the remaining morels.

Saute the finely diced shallots together with diced morels and gently braise for a short time.

Assemble the chicken mousse together with diced morels and sweetbreads, adjust seasoning.

Wrap approx. 60g of mixture into the spinach leaves to make parcels of approx 6cm square and wrap these into greaseproof paper.

Place the parcels onto baking trays.

Heat up the white veal stock and then gently poach parcels for approx. 12-15 minutes.

Trim all the vegetables for the garnish and poach in the stock until tender.

Make a reduction of the brown veal stock together with the truffle jus and finish with the Amontillado sherry; adjust seasoning.

Saute the remaining sweetbread medallions and morels which have been set aside for garnish, in some clarified butter.

To serve

place the crepinette in the centre of the plate, surround the crepinette with a garnish of vegetable and morels.

Place one sweetbread medallion on crepinette and coat with reduced jus.

Crepinette of veal sweetbreads with morel jus