Tony Bilson

Twice cooked snapper with a light rouille

Ingredients and Method

Make 4 litres of fish stock from the snapper bones.
Strongly flavour with garlic, leeks, tomato, root fennel and star anise.
Clarify and then add two small boxes of saffron (40 gr each)
Reduce if necessary so that the stock is strongly flavoured; then
Trim the snapper fillet (largest available size fish) into strictly rectangular shapes of 80-90 g weight.
Make sure that the cuts are parallel and vertical.
Place in trays with space between each piece.
over with warm stock and cook in combi steamer at 55 deg C (130 degrees F). for 15 minutes or until tender.
Strain and reserve stock and allow to cool on trays lined with Chux or similar.

Make a rouille
200 g cooked potato
8 eggs,
150 g of pureed grilled red capsicum,
6 cloves garlic
2 lt Puget olive oil.

Make an anchoiade from 100 g brunoise of anchovy fillet
100 ml lemon juice,
100 ml red wine vinegar,
3 crushed cloves garlic,
1 cup chopped flat leafed parsley,

To serve brush the snapper skin with olive oil and grill under very hot salamander so that the skin crisps; brush with anchoiade and repeat.
Bring stock to boil and then whisk in the rouille and a little anchoiade
Add 1/3 cup julienne of flat leaf parsley (cut a la minute).
Place the very hot snapper in the centre of the plate and surround with the sauce.

August 15, 1995

Twice cooked snapper with a light rouille