Hermann Schneider

Garfish with scallop mousseline

serves 60


60 garfish approx 150-180g each
1.25 kg scallops
1.25 Ltr pure double cream
juice of 2 lemons
5 bunches of sorrel finely shredded
5 Ltr fish stock
2 bottles chardonnay
2 Ltr pouring cream.


Remove bone of garfish by opening from top before gutting.

Gently remove all bones and also remove centre bones but leave head on, plus tail fin.

Make mousse by pureeing the scallops in food processor then over ice vigorously, blending in pure cream, bit by bit, and season.

Pipe this mousse into each garfish to re-shape the original form.

Steam for about 7-9 minutes, depending on size at 95deg.

Make a reduction of fish stock with chardonnay to about one quarter of the original quantity; then add pouring cream and reduce again to velvety sauce.

At the last moment add shredded sorrel and simmer until the sorrel changes colour. Remove immediately and serve with boiled potatoes.

Hermann was very pleased with the preparatory work that Donovan Cooke had done for him but still insisted on doing certain tasks himself. The sight of Hermann meticulously gutting each garfish indicated so well his obsessive professionalism.

Garfish with scallop mousseline