Elizabeth Chong

Barramundi with Chinese herbs

serves 6 as part of a Chinese meal


600g Barramundi fillets:
sprinkling salt & pepper
1 tsp superior soy sauce
1 tbsp shaohsing rice wine

Herbs (and health tips)

1 tbsp wolfenberries (for good eyesight)
8 Chinese red dates (for the skin)
6 Chinese dried shitake mushrooms (vegetable protein for good health)
1 tbsp dried lily flowers
finely shredded spring onions
finely shredded ginger
3 tbsp very hot peanut oil


Soak all herbs 30 minutes in warm water, rinse and remove from soaking water.

Remove stones from the dates and finely shred dates and shitake mushrooms.

Tie a knot in each lily flower (the flower is a slender long stem which is quite flexible and ties neatly into a knot).

Wash and pat dry fillets. Place on a plate ready for steaming, sprinkle with salt and pepper and add seasoning.

Arrange herbs evenly over the fish and place onto a steaming rack into a wok over boiling water.

Have only enough water to come up to the rack so the fish does not touch the water.

Cover with the wok lid and gently steam for about 6 minutes.

Heat the shredded ginger in the oil until the oil just begins to smoke. Arrange the spring onions on the fish, and pour the oil over.

Serve immediately.

Barramundi with Chinese herbs