Marieke Brugman

Ravioli of beetroot and onion with a citrus cream sauce and fresh salmon caviar (makes 25)

The pasta


300g unbleached flour
1 tsp gluten flour
3 eggs
1 tbsp olive oil infused with 1 tspn saffron threads


Gently warm the saffron in the oil.

Place the flour on a board, make a well in the centre and put in the eggs and oil.

Fork to a dough.

Knead 10 minutes; rest 1 hour, covered.

Roll through a pasta machine to the thinnest setting

Set the sheets aside ready to make the ravioli.

The filling


500 gr beetroot
250 gr Spanish onions
olive oil
1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar
250g Parmesan
3 egg yolks
1 tbsp gluten flour or 1 cup breadcrumbs
salt and pepper


Wash the beetroot, leaving 2cm of the tops, and the tap root in place.

Paint with olive oil, wrap in foil and roast in a hot oven until tender (1-2 hours)

This may be done a day ahead.

Peel the beetroot and grate finely.

Put into a saucepan over gentle heat to dry off.

Check that finished weight is 500g.

Finely slice the Spanish onions and cook in 50ml olive oil until well caramelised.

After 30 minutes, add the balsamic vinegar.

Cook gently about 1 hour altogether.

Set to drain in a sieve and collect the oily juices for another purpose (e.g. focaccia).

Weigh out 250g onions after draining.

Combine the beets with the drained onions.

Add the gluten, egg yolks, cheese, and season with salt and pepper.

Make the ravioli

Place little piles of the beet filling in appropriate places and then cut into ravioli having placed a second sheet of pasta over the filling

Drop into a pot of boiling, salted water and simmer very gently until tender.


The sauce


1 large lemon, both zest and juice
1 small lime, both zest and juice
3 oranges, both zest and juice
1/2 bottle (325ml) dry white wine
600ml cream


Combine all the zests, place in a saucepan with the wine and boil until reduced by half.

Add the citrus juices and reduce by half again.

Add the cream and boil to sauce consistency.

The garnish

shavings of Parmesan
snipped chives
salmon caviar

To cook the ravioli

Salted water should be brought to the boil, but DO NOT BOIL once the ravioli have entered the water.

Gently simmer about 5 minutes.

Cook only a few at a time.

If oranges are not sweet enough, add orange juice concentrate to balance.

Place the drained ravioli and sauce, then garnish with the shaved Parmesan chives and salmon caviar.

Ravioli of beetroot and onion with a citrus cream sauce and fresh salmon caviar (makes 25)