Restaurant Criticism

Jill Dupliex and Terry Durack
2 Daggers; 4 Pools of Blood

Australian Restaurant Critics:Terry Durack & Jill Dupliex

Jill Dupliex and Terry Durack write about restaurants as if they were lifestyle accessories.
Photograph ©Tony Knox 1991

After the mutation of The Herald, for which they had been reviewing restaurants, Jill joined the now defunct Sunday Herald (she has recently been appointed food editor of New Woman) while Terry moved to The Age. Their background is in advertising where Terry still works while doing tri-weekly reviews for The Age

In the search of knowledge they, and at their own expense, travel regularly and widely with the result that their views have a perspective that some of our more insular commentators lack.

Jill is very bright and writes well but her acute perceptions are based more on her peer group and less on the world at large than Terry's. Hugely enthusiastic he has an unwavering concern for the industry: "I want to stop everybody eating the junk they do because they think that's what they have to have because that's all they've got to spend ... [to do] this is education - how you educate isn't actually to stand up and say listen to me, I know what I'm talking about - you actually have to drag them in through either - being interesting, which hardly ever happens in our area; humorous, enthusiastic, all over the moon ... changing their eating habits at home and you alter their eating habits as they dine out as well - it's all hand in hand stuff. So therefore all these articles have an influence."

Terry has been delegated responsibility for Chinese restaurants and the thriving bar industry in the forthcoming. It will be interesting to see how this beguiling Trojan horse will effect the heavily fortified interests that control that publication. Editor Erlich has already said: "Terry and I do not always agree."

Jill Dupliex wonders
Photograph ©Tony Knox 1991
Terry Durack does likewise
Photograph ©Tony Knox 1991

June 1991

Update November 1996

Jill and Terry have shucked off the mortal coil of Melbourne and entered the consumer heaven of Sydney where Terry is THE Sydney Morning Herald, and in fact the Sydney, reviewer. This year, 1996, he and Jill edited the SMH Good Food Guide. Jill writes extensively on food for a number of publications

Update April 2001

They have left us. Gone to London, Jill as food writer for a major London newspaper and Terry to send back images from afar to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mietta O'Donnell & Tony Knox
©Mietta's 1996